old suitcasesThe Bellboy: For a fourth season at Palazzo, the classic bellhop can’t stay out of trouble, making the most mundane moments irresistibly funny. The show GLÜCKSJÄGER takes place in a small hotel, located a long way off from the Strip. A lonely but warm place whose zenith is over, but many are still drawn to it on their search for the great fortune. A world of gamblers and fortune hunters. The artists are hotel employees and guests, some on a journey through, some on a permanent stay. As different as they all are, there is nevertheless one thing that all have in common: their fate – a broken heart, a shattered dream, a missing goal or perspective. They are all looking for something that seems to be lost. Acrobats and award-winning artists create a spectacle between dreamlike poetry and turbulent panache. In the unique atmosphere of timeless elegance at the spiegelpalast, PALAZZO pampers its guests with an exquisite four-course menu.