Private Sessions ONLINE – Artistic Coach for Circus Act/Show Creation and Comedy/Clown

Let me help you develop and create the new circus act or show you have in mind.

While we’re all training and creating at home, I’m available for private sessions in:

  • Act Direction and Creation
  • Show Direction and Creation
  • Artistic Coaching
  • Physical Comedy Coaching
  • Clowning

“Joel is easy to work with and made adapting to each venue on tour as smooth as possible. His skills in setting lights, music, and stage cues helped my act look its best.”

Viktor Kee | Cirque du Soleil performer,
founder of Viktor Kee Foundation & Art Vision LLC

“Joel makes creating and collaborating easy and fun. His energy is always up, and he’s always open to suggestions and input. The process feels less like you’re being directed and more like you’re creating great art with a good friend.”

Thomas Evans | Cirque du Soliel aerial artist, PARAMOUR the Musical

“Working with Joel Baker as artistic director is one of the best things that can happen in your artist journey. He is attentive about where you are and what you are going through.”

Delphine Cézard | Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain
Special Jury Prize Winner & Festival Favorite 2020

Email me for details, pricing, and online availability: