Clown Duo with Guaranteed Laughter

Thanks to German press and show-goers in the Essen-Dortmund area for coming to our shows in Gelsenkirchen and for the great reviews. It’s been good fun here. We’ve got one more week before heading to Köln!

See the translation of this press clip below:

Olivia Weinstein and Joel Baker delight audiences at Cirque Bouffon. They take the stage for their first time together in Gelsenkirchen.

Photo: Joachim Kleine-Büning

They are the face of “Lafolia”. With their silly jokes and theatrical comedy, clowns Olivia Weinstein and Joel Baker keep crazy Cirque Bouffon’s new show running perfectly. Their performances, sometimes solo, sometimes as a duo, connect individual acts to a larger whole. These American artists make the audience wonder, laugh, and hold their breath, because these two clowns, like all artists in this rather unique circus spectacle, can do almost anything.

Translated by S. C. Baker