ALIS joins Earthquake Relief Efforts in Italy

The ALIS cast is doing what we do best to aid in the earthquake relief efforts in central Italy–more circus. Last month’s major earthquake devastated whole families. People have lost their sons, daughters, and loved ones.

This week, we traveled to nearby Arli, a part of the hard-hit Acquasanta Terme, to a large tent used as a school for the families who were affected by the earthquake. Our cast performed a show for the children, to lighten their day. This is when you realize how circus can be a type of magic, the kind that seemingly keeps life in balance when awful things happen to throw it off. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to give to this beautiful community at a time of need.
Le Cirque with the World’s Top Performers will also donate 10% of tickets sales from our shows in Ancona and Ascoli toward recovery efforts in the town of Acquasanta Terme. So, if you come out to the shows this weekend, GRAZIE!